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Join the ever-growing ACEDS community!

ACEDS is a leading international membership organisation committed to bringing together experts throughout the e-discovery field. Members have access to live webinars, exclusive tools, ACEDS resources, our career center and more. Once registered, you will automatically be generated a new username and password to begin receiving the benefits of being an ACEDS member.

Chapter Benefits

Local Networking

Joining our ACEDS UK Chapter enables you to build your professional network by attending meetings and making connections with people in the UK e-discovery market. Our goal is to bring together those from the practitioner and provider side in a single community where you can identify and address the unique local and regional issues of the e-discovery profession.


There is no better way to gather and give back to a common cause in our local community as an industry group than through our local ACEDS UK Chapter.

Career Advancement and Support

The ACEDS UK Chapter is the best place to find talent and to share information about open positions in the region. Also, whenever you want to get feedback on a unique issue you are facing or are interested in learning new ways to enhance your own skills, you will have access to a network of industry professionals who you can go to for support.


£190/$275/YR JOIN

Join by selecting the UK chapter whilst renewing your ACEDS membership or whilst joining ACEDS.