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About Us

The ACEDS UK Chapter is your direct link to the ACEDS international organisation. By joining our Chapter, you not only receive the benefit of both local and national membership, but you gain an entire network of individuals looking to enhance their e-discovery careers.
The mission of ACEDS UK Chapter is in line with that of the ACEDS organisation, so as to help professionals in various disciplines improve and certify their e-discovery knowledge and skill, advance their careers, increase their contacts and increase overall competence in e-discovery and related fields.


Every quarter ACEDS runs an educational networking event. Giving you a chance to learn about eDiscovery and to network with your peers. These events take place across London, sign up to be kept up to date with what is happening.


ACEDS offers a variety of training experiences programs, both virtual and live, all led by leading experts in e-discovery and meeting top standards of instructional design. We’re committed to producing the highest quality, most accurate and current training programs for the benefit of our community.


The CEDS Certification is awarded to persons who meet certain qualification standards and pass a rigorous certification examination administered at one of 600 proctored testing centers. The certification covers topics including project planning, litigation hold implementation, document review, data processing, budgeting and more.


We run one event per quarter, bringing together some of the finest minds in eDiscovery to discuss topics of interest.


Will the COVID Crisis Cure Outdated Approaches to eDiscovery

You are invited you to join us for a webinar on how COVID-19 is currently effecting the eDiscovery industry and how it will help change how legal services are provided in the future.

Moderated by Chris Dale, speakers will discuss:

  • The practicalities of remote working for eDiscovery professionals across all aspects of the EDRM including remote collections, data transfer, secure remote access to review tools, remote document review, virtual hearings/trials, and more
  • What the current crisis means for the eDiscovery business – are we seeing disputes/investigations slow down? Will we see them pick up again in the future? What law firms/service providers/technology providers in the ED space stand to prosper now and in the aftermath of this?
  • What positive benefits does the eDiscovery industry stand to gain from this change in the world order? Greater cultural acceptance of remote working? An increasingly diverse workforce? Opportunities for providers/law firms outside the big commuter belt markets?



Join us to celebrate another year in eDiscovery with networking, drinks and awards!

The following awards for for grabs

  • Innovation for the ED Nation (Technology)
  • Ooh Shinny (Technology)
  • Technology Superstar (Individual)
  • Review Master (Individual)
  • Rookie of the Year (Individual)
  • Hit Smash! (Individual)
  • Training Hero (Individual or Team)
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Corporate / Vendor & Law Firm)
  • The Nigel Murray Award (Individual & Team)

Disclosure Pilot - 10 Months in

The Disclosure Pilot has now been running for 10 months, A panel discussion about peoples experience with the new rules.

Professional Development

A panel providing insight on moving into eDiscovery and expanding skills.

Don't start a riot - DSAR's are managable

The session will look at each stage in turn and how it can be navigated: checking the validity of the request, data collation, the identification and review of personal information, and the content of the DSAR response.


Christmas Social and eDiscovery Awards

Making its inaugural yearly occurrence...the ACEDS UK Chapter eDiscovery Awards 2018.

The award categories this year are:

  1. Recognition - Rookie of the Year (for the industry newcomer who has made a big impression)
  2. Appreciation - The Extra Mile (for the person who goes above and beyond)
  3. Teamwork - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (for the best eDiscovery team)
  4. Achievement - Ooh Shiny (for the best new eDiscovery technology)
  5. Excellence - Person of the Year (for the person who has made the biggest impact in 2018)

Bringing eDiscovery In-house

The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Serious Fraud Office and Reynolds Porter Chamberlain have all made the decision to bring in-house certain aspects of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). In this discussion, they will each outline their reasons for each of their approaches.

Demystifying Blockchain – What is it? How is it relevant to legal technology professionals and how does it relate to eDiscovery?

A panel discussion on the hot topic of Blockchain, it relevance to legal professionals and how it fits in with existing laws.

Have your say on the proposed disclosure rule changes

A panel discussion by members of the Disclosure Working Group, DRG (a wide range of judges, lawyers and experts tasked to propose amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules, CPR, in order to reduce the cost, scale and complexity of disclosure).

The purpose of the panel presentation will be to outline:

  1. Why the Civil Procedure Rule addressing disclosure (31) needs reform
  2. How the DRG was established and what it hopes to achieve
  3. What amendments are proposed to rule 31 and what the new draft rule and Disclosure Review Document (DRD) looks like
  4. What’s still left to do between now and the ratification of these changes and how can the UK eDisclosure community help with the adoption of these changes.


What is artificial intelligence? How can it be used by the legal community?

Join the discussion with our panel of experts on Artificial Intelligence, where it overlaps with eDiscovery and how it is used outside of review within the legal environment.

Is the GDPR Europe's Wall

Join our panel in a lively discussion on how the GDPR will affect eDiscovery and what implications it will have on cross border transfer, moderated by Chris Dale.


Christmas Social

ACEDS UK Launch - Predictive Coding.

We are pleased to formally invite you to the ACEDS UK Chapter launch party. The evening will begin with a panel discussion moderated by Chris Dale to provide an update from Taylor Wessing and RPC on the Pyrrho decision. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the event and the panel will then invite those people to participate in the discussion. Following the panel, complimentary food and drink will be provided and attendees will have the opportunity to network with ACEDS UK new board members to learn more about the organisation and how they can get involved.

The UK Board